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How to? Batching Cocktail at Home

How to? Batching Cocktail at Home

Making cocktails can be time consuming, especially when you need to make lots of cocktails at once. The solution to supplying cocktails in bulk (if you're not buying our ready made cocktails) is to batch them yourself.

Here we explain the do's and don't of batching cocktails and how to mix large quantities of cocktails like a pro.

Choose Your Recipe: Select a cocktail recipe that scales well and is suitable for batching. Some cocktails are better suited for batching than others. Avoid cocktails with perishable ingredients like fresh citrus juice unless you plan to add them just before serving.

Generally the main issue you'll find when batching a cocktail is that liquids separate especially liquids that are viscous and have a high sugar content or liquids such as pineapple juice that have lots of pulp. So it's important to use ingredients that mix well together and won't separate straight away

If you're starting out, go for something simple, choose a recipe with only a few ingredients. Some great cocktail recipes to batch up are a Negroni, Espresso Martini or Cosmopolitan. 

Calculate Ingredients: Once you've nailed down the recipe, it's time to do some math. Work out how many servings you wan't to create and multiply your cocktail recipe by that amount. 

When it comes to your recipe, don't forget to add dilution to the equation. When you shake or stir a cocktail with ice this ice melts into the drink and dilutes your cocktail. As a general rule, we add approx 20% water to account for dilution. Cocktails that are shaken will have more dilution than something that is stirred over ice.

Mix Ingredients: Now we've got the boring math out the way - it's time to get mixing! Combine all the ingredients in a large container. Use a pitcher, mixing bowl, or any other vessel large enough to hold the batch. Those 5L kilner jars work really well too. Stir well to ensure all the ingredients are thoroughly mixed.

Taste Test: Before bottling or serving, do a taste test to ensure the batch is balanced and suits your preference. You may need to adjust the proportions of certain ingredients to achieve the desired flavour. Just make sure you note down any changes to make, so that you can update your original recipe for any future batches you do.  

Chill (If Needed): If the cocktail is meant to be served cold, chill the batch in the refrigerator until it's cold enough. You can also add ice directly to the batch if it won't dilute the drink too much.

Serve or Bottle: Once the batch is ready, you can either serve it directly from the container or transfer it to individual bottles or jars for easy serving. Make sure to label the bottles with the name of the cocktail if you're making multiple batches.

Store Properly: If you're not serving the batch immediately, store it in the refrigerator until you're ready to serve. If you are storing for a long period of time understanding shelf life is important. Some key things to take into account are

  • If you ended up using fruit juices, some cocktails may need to be stirred or shaken again before serving to ensure the ingredients are evenly distributed. So if you have stored for a while, just give your bottles a shake before serving
  • Always sanitize your bottle and container. Cleaning is not enough. The bottle needs to be sanitized with alcohol or glass bottles heated before filling
  • Remove air. Air is one of the main things that causes your product to go off. Oxidization and airborne bacteria can cause the drink to go off prematurely, so ensure you remove as much air as possible. An easy way of doing this is making your sure bottles or containers are completely full  

It's all trial and error. But the main thing is to have fun with it. After all who doesn't love a cocktail?!

If you need any help with batching cocktails, our expert team of cocktail mixologists will happily help.

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