Product Information

Product Information

All of our cocktails are small batched, using the best ingredients. Our aim is to offer premium bar made cocktails, for you to enjoy, wherever, whenever. 

Self-Tapped Products

All 1.5L, 3L Tubes & 5L Kegs come with a built in tap, meaning all you need to do is chill & dispense. No need for any additional equipment or ingredients. 
These products come with a shelf life of approx. 2 months and will last up-to 28 days once opened. 

Draught Kegs

All of our cocktails are available in 12L & 20L PolyKegs. The kegs are lightweight and slimline meaning they can be transported and stored easily. They’re also fully recyclable so no need to return the kegs back to us!

Using the key kegs is an easy way to integrate our cocktails into your existing draught set-up, whether that is your standard tap and cooler system or Lindr dispenser.

Using the same technology as draught beers or wines, the key kegs allow you to serve a perfectly made cocktail within seconds, without any need to buy additional expensive equipment.

Products hold a minimum 6 month shelf and up-to 4 weeks once broached. 

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