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Cocktails on tap

Revolutionize your bar

Serve cocktails in seconds

Pour delicious cocktails directly from the tap

Save money

With draught cocktails, servings cost as little as £1.24 ex vat

No training needed

High staff turnover? Don't worry anyone can pour a cocktail on tap

Solutions for any set-up

Our draught cocktails are versatile. They can be used with almost any set-up, wether you're a small pop-up or high volume venue.

How it works

We pride ourselves on providing the best cocktail solution for any venue. We have an array of products which can suit any kind of set-up.

You can use our products stand alone, or with draught equipment.

Draught Products

All of our cocktails are available in 12L & 20L PolyKegs. The kegs are lightweight and slimline meaning they can be transported and stored easily. They’re also fully recyclable so no need to return the kegs back to us!

Using the PolyKegs is an easy way to integrate our cocktails into your existing draught set-up, whether that is your standard tap and cooler system or Lindr dispenser.

Using the same technology as draught beers or wines, the PolyKegs allow you to serve a perfectly made cocktail within seconds, without any need to buy additional expensive equipment if you connect to your existing setup. Alternatively, we can install equipment on a bespoke service as every setup is different. 


These self-tapped easy kegs are the perfect solution for a popup event or if you do not have the space for draught equipment. More and more retailers are now starting to offer our handy tubes, Perfect for a picnic, beach trip, festival or that long weekend getaway for hassle free cocktails on tap. 

The kegs come in both 1.5L, 5L & 10L and are self tapped, so all you need to do is simply chill and dispense. They’ll also last up-to 28 days once opened, so can be used for future events too.

Single serve pouches

Grab and go! Our single serve pouches can simply be chilled and consumed directly from the spout, or poured into a glass.


We can offer custom products to suit your needs.

We can manufacture bespoke cocktails for your event or venue and offer this in any format.

Contact customer services for further information.

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