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Personalisation: Gen Z's demand for something different

Personalisation: Gen Z's demand for something different

Make every cocktail unique with personalised cocktail toppers. 

Gen Z’s desire for inclusivity and personalisation as a part of their individualistic personalities will acclimatize bars and drinking environments to come up with new ideas to make drinks more "personal" whether that's coming up with new flavors, unique recipes or making your cocktail stand out from the crowd. The desire to have something different is ever growing. 

We all want to show off more than ever, fueled by the constant growth of social media and the daily instagram story. 

A key area for growth and marketing is to Instagram. If it's cool, those Gen Z's will be snapping it on instagram in no time. 

As part of our portfolio at Giraffe Cocktails, we can offer personalized cocktail toppers, pritned to any design. Add your logo, special event or just something completely random, it's up-to you.  

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