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The Pornstar Martini is the ultimate modern classic, it only came to life in 2002 and is now famous around the world. It has recently been revealed as the nation’s #1 trending cocktail. There are of course different variations on how this classic is made. We make ours with Vodka, Passionfruit liqueur, Vanilla Syrup and a mix of passion fruit and pineapple juices with a splash of lime. Served straight out of the tap into a chilled martini, garnished with passionfruit and prosecco on the side.

The original was created by Douglas Ankrah, of The Townhouse in Knightsbridge, he first called this drink the Maverick Martini, named after a dodgy club in Cape Town. The name by which we know it today is apparently down to the usage of passionfruit that Ankrah puts into the cocktail.

With the summer season fast approaching, we’re sure they’ll be a hit yet again amongst cocktail drinkers. However, we’ve discovered that nobody knows how they’re meant to drink it! The biggest question is what do you do with the shot, do you drink it first, splash it into your drink or sip it alongside the cocktail? We drink ours by to eating the passionfruit first, before drinking the Prosecco (or Champagne) and lastly enjoying the fruity martini, but as discovered there are so many different ways; 

What type of drinker are you?

The Snap Drinkertakes a photo before drinking anything

The Savour Drinkertakes their time to enjoy the cocktail

The Sip Drinkergoes back and forth between the shot and cocktail

The Squeeze Drinkersqueezes the passion fruit into the cocktail

The Quick Drinkerdowns their drink before their mates have taken their first sip

The Share Drinkergives the shot away

The Shot-clinker Drinkerdrinks the champagne/prosecco before the cocktail

The Splash Drinkerpours the shot into the cocktail


It’s not until you’re out with friends, that you realise just how popular the Porn Star Martini is and how everyone has their own way of drinking it. It’s fascinating how many variations there are for one cocktail and what the little things we do like sipping a drink or squeezing a passion fruit can say about our personality!


The Snap Drinker - The social media star.

The snap drinker will instantly stop and move to snap and share their cocktail on social media. This is before they tuck in is revealing their love of sharing the moment with their followers. For any snap drinker it’s always Instagram first, drink second!


The Savour Drinker – The sophisticated taste lover. 

The savouring technique suggests someone tuned into all their senses and able to enhance their pleasure in every way possible. A clever and indulgent pleasure-seeker, the savour drinker is sophisticated and smart. Their body language doesn’t always define them as too cool for school as they are happy savouring their drink and letting everyone know just how much they’re enjoying it. 


The Sip Drinker – The strategic pleasure-seeker. 

The sipper might look like they are just taking their time but in fact they are the ultimate pleasure-seeker, someone smart and strategic who works at getting the best out of every situation. They know that the best things come to those who wait, and are happy to draw out their favourite cocktail. They take care over their movements and are often found thoughtfully enjoying their cocktail!


The Squeeze Drinker - The creative, attention craver.  

This drinker will dip their fingers into a perfectly-presented cocktail and then squeeze the slice of passion fruit so the juice and seeds goes into their drink. The squeeze defines themselves as tactile and literally hands-on. They can be a bit of a performer in life generally, happily taking centre stage at social events and parties and encouraging others to enjoy themselves too.


The Quick Drinker – The impulsive one

This type of drinker is this kind of person that is flamboyant, they are impulsive and of course they enjoy a drink. They’re usually the life of the party but like to pressure others into getting just as drunk as them. They can often be seen at the bar getting a round in.


The Share Drinker – The generous, happy-go-lucky giver. 

Some cocktail drinkers just love to share their pleasure with others, not only enjoying their cocktail but handing it round so everyone can take a sip. They would tend to beam as they perform their act of generosity and then perform a strong bonding ritual that makes others instantly warm to them. You’ll most likely find them in the middle of the party – more than happy to share their Porn Star Martini!


The Shot-clinker Drinker - The centre of attention party starter. 

The shot-clinker drinker is highly sociable, with a strong work-hard play-hard ethic and they know what they want and that’s to be social! They enjoy pack-partying, i.e. out in a group or gang and often selecting the shot ritual of clinking glasses to intensify the fun via group or team shared activity. Synchronised rituals like this aid social bonding, meaning this person is probably pretty much the life and soul of the party.


The Splash Drinker - The no-nonsense, first to the dancefloor. 

Though splashing their shot into the cocktail, the splash drinker will have very practical, down to-earth body-language.  With them, what-you-see-is-what-you-get, they don’t mess around and won’t think twice about adding the shot to their cocktail to carry on dancing the night away.  You’ll have no trouble spotting them as they’ll be the first on the dance floor.

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