Cocktails on Tap & Draught Cocktails

What are cocktails on tap & draught cocktails?

"Cocktails on tap" refers to the practice of serving cocktails directly from a tap system, similar to how beer or other beverages are served. Instead of being individually prepared by a bartender upon ordering, these cocktails are pre-mixed and stored in kegs, allowing for quick and consistent dispensing.

The process typically involves pre-batching large quantities of cocktails, combining all the necessary ingredients in precise measurements before placing them into kegs. These kegs are then connected to a draught system equipped with taps, CO2 or nitrogen gas cylinders, and refrigeration to maintain freshness and carbonation.

When a customer orders a cocktail on tap, the bartender simply pulls the tap handle, dispensing the pre-mixed cocktail into a glass. This approach offers several benefits, including faster service during busy periods, consistent flavor with every pour, and reduced waste compared to traditional cocktail preparation methods.

Cocktails on tap have become increasingly popular in bars and restaurants around the world, offering patrons a convenient and efficient way to enjoy their favorite libations. The trend has also led to a greater emphasis on creativity and innovation in cocktail recipes, as bartenders experiment with new flavors and techniques that lend themselves well to the kegging process.

Cocktails on tap also provide excellent margin opportunities, from as little as £1.28 cost per serve

Cocktails on tap are available in many different formats. Here at Giraffe cocktails, we supply our cocktails in the simplest format. Polykegs. These can be used on virtually any draught set-up and very much "plug and play" simply connect to your equipment and pour.
Our cocktails are available in 20L & 12L polykegs. Priced to be competitive and allow high margins on sales, these are an excellent solution for your cocktail requirements, wether it's in a small venue or supplying thousands of cocktails at large scale events.