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Ready Made Cocktails are the new trend

Ready Made Cocktails are the new trend

Pre-mix cocktails are the new trend. Due to the closing of venues and restrictions over the year, there has been a huge surge in retail sales of pre-mixed cocktails where we are looking for ways to recreate the bar experience from the comfort of hour homes.

Whether you are simply looking for a beverage to un-wind at the end of a long week or a few cocktails to celebrate a special occasion you will be able to find a lot of joy in these well-made cocktails that ensure you have the perfect tipple with every pour.

Creating cocktails at home is fun, but it can also be a bit of a faff. Our pre-made cocktails takes away the hassle of cocktail making whilst still providing a fun experience with our unique cocktail solutions. They’re ideal if you can’t get hold of some of the nicher ingredients, want to save time and space in your overloaded kitchen or simply can’t be bothered with making loads of cocktails.

While pre-mixed cocktails have in the past had a terrible reputation for being poorly made cheap substitutes, we at Giraffe Cocktails have made it our mission to provide high quality premium cocktails without breaking the bank.

Our cocktails are unique, and are perfect for any occasion, whether a small gathering at home or a larger party with friends. Exclusively from Giraffe Cocktails our products come in 3L or 5L Options



The ultimate modern classic, the Porn Star Martini only came to life in 2002 and is now famous around the world. Douglas Ankrah, of The Townhouse in Knightsbridge, first called this drink the Maverick Martini, named after a dodgy club in Cape Town. The name by which we know it today is apparently down to the usage of passionfruit in the cocktail, which you are meant to eat first, before drinking the Prosecco (or Champagne) and lastly enjoying the fruity martini.

This cocktail best served in a martini glass with passion fruit garnish and a shot Prosecco on the side.




The espresso martini is believed to have been created by Dick Bradsell in 1983 According to Dick, a famous model entered the Soho Brasserie where he was working, and asked him to create a drink that would “wake me up, and then f*** me up”.

This drink is simple, yet so popular, quickly becoming one of the most asked-for cocktails in modern times. A truly sophisticated cocktail best enjoyed in a chilled martini glass, finished with espresso beans on top.




As most popular cocktails are; the drinks origin is often disputed, but it is thought that Bartender Cheryl Cook came up with the original formula in 1985 when she worked at a bar called The Strand in Miami’s South Beach. 

But, of course, it wasn’t until the airing of Sex in the City that the Cosmopolitan really launched into pop culture icon status.

This cocktail is best served straight up in a martini glass, with an orange peel garnish or orange flame




An elegant refreshing cocktail, made with premium London Dry Gin. There are many variations on this cocktail, and no true origin is known. What we do know is this cocktail really became popular after the Gin craze that has been growing for the last few years. 

It's no surprise this cocktail is popular amongst  G&T drinkers and cocktail lovers alike. The drink is simple and refreshing yet boasts an incredible flavour profile from the elderflower and rhubarb that complements the gin wonderfully.

This cocktail is best served in a gin bowl, over crushed ice. Garnished with cucumber and a mint sprig. 




The Daiquiri is a classic rum cocktail believed to be created by Jennings Stockton Cox an American engineer at the turn of the 20th century. Cox was working in the Sierra Maestra Mountains on the south eastern shore of Cuba where the small town of Daiquiri lies, and it’s whilst he was here the classic drink was made. Whilst in Cuba, Cox noticed that Cuban workers often mixed Bacardi with their evening coffee, and he began to experiment himself. The drink was created using ingredients that was available at the time, limes & sugar.

Since then the Daiquiri has been adapted plenty of times, one of our favourite versions is the simple Strawberry Daiquiri, the same as the original, with the addition of strawberry liqueur. This drink is best served in a chilled martini glass, with a garnish of fresh strawberries or lime.

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