Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate 1.5L

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Served in a handy pouch.

Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate. Brewed in the UK with Arabica coffee & filtered water.

Espresso strength cold brew coffee. The perfect base for espresso martinis, iced coffees and more.

Approx 25 servings

Approx 6 months shelf life, once opened store chilled and consume within 7 days.

The perfect espresso martini

37.5ml Vodka

25ml Coffee Liqueur 

50ml Giraffe Cocktails Cold Brew

5ml sugar syrup (adjust to your taste)

Shake and strain


Product Information


Vegan, Dairy Free & Gluten Free

Shelf Life

Approx 2 Months. Once open consume within 14 days.

Size & Dimensions

This product contains 12x 125ml cocktail servings

The dimensions of the Tube is around 220mm x 127mm. Perfect for the fridge!


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Serving Suggestions

Ensure product is chilled before serving.

To dispense, use the tap at the bottom of the container.

Pour in to a glass of your choice, and garnish.

Note: You can pour into a shaker and shake with ice or pour over ice if your product is not chilled.

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